Runtime Error: No experienceId found

I recently switched from classic expo:build to EAS build.
My project is built in managed workflow.

When I run my app that is created by EAS build in my dev client, No ExperienceId error occurred.

[Unhandled promise rejection: Error: No experienceId found. If it can’t be inferred from the manifest (eg. in bare workflow), you have to pass it in yourself.]

I think this error comes from Notification API ( My app uses Push Notification and getExpoPushTokenAsync ).

Do I have to set experienceId by myself?

hi there! we’re working on resolving this for the sake of parity, but you can do this for now:

getExpoPushTokenAsync({ experienceId: '@your-username/your-app-slug' });

in the long term we’re likely moving towards explicitly passing in the id here as well :slight_smile:


@notbrent any issue tracker for the same?