Running the app with react-native cli has a black screen

When running the app with react-native start, my app doesn’t get past a black screen. It starts up with my launch screen but changes to a back screen as soon as the green loading bar starts. After loading gets to 100%, the green bar goes away and the app stays black even though I can see a console log from the root App.tsx file.

ex: CleanShot 2020-11-02 at 14.14.33

I have a hunch that this is related to expo splash screen but not sure. The app loads up just fine with expo start and runs just fine with a production build. Some things I have done to debug:

  1. Removed everything from App.tsx except a View (and console log)
  2. Ran expo init for a new bare test app and used the same versions it had for all the starting packages
  3. Matched the metro.config, babel.config, and app.json with the bare test app
  4. Reset the sim
  5. Cleaned the xcode build folder
  6. Restarted my machine (swinging for the fences on this one)
  7. Copied the SplashScreen, SplashScreenBackground, and SplashScreen.storyboard from the bare test app
  8. Tested a physical device

Has anyone run into this or have any more suggestions on how to debug?

Same problem.

Literally did not touch the repo for about 1 month and this started happening.
Tried upgrading the Expo CLI and Expo SDK without any help…

Did you manage to figure this out?