Running new app with Bluestacks

Hi, am totally new with Expo , is there any way to run my app using Bluestacks ?

Hi- I haven’t tried it before but I think you should be able to just download Expo from the Play Store on Bluestacks and then open the URL to your project in the app inside Bluestacks. I’ll try this and let you know if I can make it work.

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I tried this and it works. Just go to the Explore tab and then hit the search btuton and type in the URL you get from XDE (or create-react-native-app or exp). The one thing that doesn’t seem to work is the live reloading, which is annoying, but you can pull down from the notifications bar and reload manually.

I’m not sure why this doesn’t work.

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@ islamtareq0012 I am also new on expo.