Running expo dev client app in Android physical device

I’m trying to run expo dev client app in Android physical device.
It works fine when I run with npx react-native run-android.
But when I try to run it with expo start --dev-client, with the help of scanning QR code, it doesn’t work.
Is it even possible to run an app with dev client and QR code scan?

Hi @germavinsmoke


Please elaborate on what this means? What exactly happens if you try? Do you see anything relevant in the output of adb logcat -d?

Hey @wodin Thanks for the reply.
I watched one video present in EAS section. How to build custom dev client and use EAS to build.
And it worked.

The case in which it wasn’t working for me was when my project was also having android and iOS folders.
I can try again for sureity maybe something was not properly setup.

If you have ios and android directories the app is a bare app and not a managed app. This is also supposed to work, but you’d have to post more info about what “didn’t work” (e.g. error messages, etc.).

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