Running application "main" with appParams

Hi Team,

I am getting below message in debug, but when I create a build using
exp build:android --release-channel prod
it also shows the same message in console of Standalone in adb logcat

Running application "main" with appParams: {"rootTag":1,"initialProps":{"exp":{"manifest":...

I has has all my Configurations from app.json file.

Is there any say to stop getting this message for Standalone’s?
Am I building the app in right way?


Hi @bamne123 - I’m not quite sure what the issue is here. Could you explain what you were expecting to see? Does the resulting APK from exp build:android not work correctly?

It works but, when I run the logcat, it has all the values from app.json

Is it normal behaviour?
Is there any way to stop printing these values to console log?

@bamne123 this is normal behavior for any React Native app. If you want to get rid of this you could remove where this is logged in the expo source code and compile your own custom version of your app.

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