Running a demo on in a large conference

I am a System Architect working in a large tech company,

The company is hosting an internal tech conference and I want to conduct a react-native workshop there that may have up to ~300 participants and thought of using expo-snacks instead of prompting people to install the whole dev environment locally.

I will instruct the participants to use the web tab (not Android/iOS, since there is a queue for those).

I wanted to ask if your free tier at is able to deal with such a load?


Hi @amitbet! Definitely, you can use Snack for this. Like you said, it’s one if the easiest ways to get development up and running without having to install anything.

While you can have participants just use the Web tab, another option is to have them use their own smart phones (Android or iOS), download the Expo client app through the app store or play store, and run the code on their phone. It’s pretty awesome to make a few changes in the browser and see the effect on your own device :smirk:

Thanks Charlie,
I will add the “run on device” as an option
I thought you would need a cable like in the on premise expo version, but now I tested the SaaS solution without it and it works well.

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