Run on iOS simulator keeps reinstalling Expo app

I updated to Xcode 11 today and since then I have been unable to open my application in the simulator. I run expo start (have also tried expo r -c), but it just states “Installing Expo client on iOS simulator” and “Downloading the latest version of Expo client app”, but never does anything after that. If I click Run on iOS simulator after the download, it just repeats. I have tried going to Hardware > Erase all Content and Settings, and have tried using a different simulator model. I have agreed to the updated Xcode terms and conditions. I have restarted my computer. I have updated from Expo SDK 34 to 35. Nothing seems to be resolving the issue.

I ran into this as well. You can manually input the exp address of your project and get it to load your app. You may also try updating the Expo CLI. I believe this is the root cause of the issue. I did that today and had success having the CLI boot my app.

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I think updating expo-cli has resolved the issue, but now I receive the error fontFamily “material” is not a system font. I don’t suppose you also ran into this issue? I may have to open a different thread for this.

I actually did run into a similar font issue, but it was tied to a different package. I ended up having to work around it by removing the reference to the font. Even if I manually loaded the font, it didn’t work.

@nickhough I am using react-native-paper and after looking around for the last hour, I found a thread that suggested removing the node modules folder and deleting the package-lock.json file and reinstalling the node modules, now that issue has gone away. I also updated expo-font to latest, I don’t think that actually effected anything but just in case I thought I should mention it. I hope that helps you as well.

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