Run ExpoKit app without exp

Is there a way for an ExpoKit app to be loaded onto device once and save all of the stuff that exp served it so that if I want to I can kill and then reopen the app some time later without needing to worry about having a computer with me that can run exp to serve it again?

What I’m talking about is an offline mode like this…

Xcode loads app on iPhone > run exp > exp causes app to download .js files > kill exp > kill app > open app > app still has what exp served it and runs just like before.

I will want to test my app out in the field and it would be super annoying to have to carry around a laptop running exp to serve all the javascript whenever I kill/reopen the app for testing purposes.

You can publish your JS bundle and build your app with Xcode for production so it uses the Production URL, that way you don’t have to have a computer serving your javascript and you can use your app wherever.