Run a build on CI for the first time (2FA Error)

For context, I’m working for a company that makes white-labeled apps. We recently transitioned to Expo as our wrapper for the PWAs. We have a script that generates the app.json file with the custom brand properties.

Since the updates are sent directly on the web app, we only need to build the app once with the customized app.json and publish it to the App Store.

I’m trying to automate the process using Expo Github Actions with the command eas build -p ios --non-interactive which fails with the error Input is required, but Expo CLI is in non-interactive mode. From what I understand Apple requires 2FA but I can’t type the security code inside the terminal.

This is the build action:

- name: Build Expo
        run: eas build -p ios --non-interactive
          EXPO_APPLE_ID: ${{secrets.APPLE_ID}}
          EXPO_APPLE_PASSWORD: ${{secrets.APPLE_ID_PW}}

Also, building and submitting from my local machine works fine and the credentials get registered but since we’re building a different app each time we need to authenticate each time.

I’m aware that from the docs the prerequisite is to build the app for the first time locally, but I’m hoping there’s some kind of workaround to it.

TL;DR: How can I trigger a build from the Actions CI without having to run it for the first time on my local machine?

Workflow: Managed
eas-cli version: 0.38.3