RTSP streaming IP camera

Hi all,
I want to connect and stream video from IP Camera. But i do not know any RTSP streaming libraries, please suggest help me?

Hi. Maybe try react-native-live-stream, but you will have to eject:

Also upvote this feature request:

Thanks @wodin, but i can not success with this lib. It have a lot of bugs. https://github.com/wonday/react-native-live-stream/issues?q=is%3Aopen+is%3Aissue. One more, i still can not connect to IP Camera.

Maybe you could use something like react-native-vlc-player?

Otherwise, maybe you can write your own React Native library by wrapping libcurl, e.g. using this?

Thanks @wodin, i think that i prefer use react-native-vlc-player instead of other libs. But i can not find any expo project use react-native-vlc-player. If you have used it, please give me an example.

Sorry, @hdu_ai, I have not used it. But I think you would need to do this:

$ expo eject

and then after that you follow the instructions for a normal React Native app:

I see there are a few different react native VLC libraries. I don’t know which is best, so you would probably have to try them out to see if they work for you.

This looks like it’s iOS only:

This looks like it’s Android only:

Thanks @wodin,

  1. I have not Macbook PC, i have Windows OS, so i prefer using Expo project instead of React Native CLI.
  2. All of your’s suggest are use React Native CLI project (because android and ios folder in project). I do not like this, i want to convert to Expo project.
  3. I want to write only an app that runs on ios and andoird.

Then I think you will have to upvote the feature request here and wait for someone to implement it:

Other people have asked for this before, but Expo does not currently support RTSP, so the only way to do it would be to eject.

See these old threads:

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Thanks @wodin, i have read 2 question about rstp in Expo and i really hope that someone fix it. Btw, i so thanks to you about all of advices.

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Hi guys, I see that some time has passed and still nothing about RTSP. I am new to reactive and expo and now I run into the problem. is anyone willing to cooperate?

Really need a streaming feature

Any news about something in this thread?
I have a server, I can create rtsp, ws, http, …

But in the expo app, how can I do? What I need to do do receive a video, or frames and stream it?

How can I stream a live video over a app, using expo?

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Hi @softov

If there’s an RTSP library that works with react native then this should be possible now with Expo SDK 42 (or later) using EAS Build and maybe Config Plugins.

I had a bit of a search and it seems this is the most promising project, but I haven’t tried it. Based on the installation instructions it looks like you won’t need a config plugin:

It doesn’t work with react native.64 and newer. I tested it,it’s full of errors.