RTMP supported video player

Hi Team,

I am developer, I have tried expo-av video player to connect RTMP.

But it is not supported

Is there any other video player package to play video from RTMP

Also I have tried “react-native-vlc-media-player” package its shown as below issue

TypeError: Object(…) is not a function

const RCTVLCPlayer = requireNativeComponent("RCTVLCPlayer", VLCPlayer);


Hey @msecravi, I’m not sure if there’s a third-party library out there that will enabled RTMP support but if there is, you’ll need to be using the Bare workflow which will allow you to make the native code changes that will enabled you to use said library.


Hi Adamjnav, Thanks for your response. I will try with bare workflow. Also can you please suggest some expo managed rtmp video player package.