RTL/Hebrew support with React Native + react-navigation and redux-persist

Hi, so I’ve got stuck while implementing Hebrew and RTL support inside React Native App (with Expo SDK) which is using react-navigation and redux-persist.

As users of my app should be able to change language inside the app (so I don’t really care about system language, only while the very first opening of the app) I’m currently using redux-persist to keep redux state after relaunching the app.

I’ve also created simple helper function which is only getting state from redux store:

export function isHebrew() {
  return !!(getReduxLanguage().locale.includes('he') && getReduxIsRTL());

The problem is that I’m using that helper function isHebrew inside my StyleSheets to decide how to render components and also inside react-navigation’s createNavigator for the same purpose to change order of items in bottomTabBar BUT stylesheets and navigator are somehow called before redux-persist rehydrates store, which ends in wrong render of the whole app (isHebrew is always false before rehydration as initialState is empty for language before rehydration).

So my question is:
how to postpone stylesheet and navigation loading to occur after redux-persist store rehydration?

I’m doing it like that:


  componentDidMount() {
    this.persistor = persistStore(store, null, () => {
      this.setState({ isReduxRehydrated: true });

  render() {
    if (!this.state.isLoadingComplete && !this.state.isReduxRehydrated) {
      return (
    return (
      <Provider store={store}>
        <PersistGate loading={<ActivityIndicator/>} persistor={this.persistor}>
          <Root />

but this is not working, even if I comment out component isHebrew is still being called inside stylesheets/navigator before redux-persist.

Usage inside stylesheets:

  container: {
    flexDirection: isHebrew() ? 'row-reverse' : 'row',

Usage inside navigation:

const tabNavigator = createBottomTabNavigator(
    tabBarOptions: {
      showLabel: false,
      style: {
        flexDirection: isHebrew() ? 'row-reverse' : 'row',

Bumping topic, anyone with a solution or alternative?

How do you guys handle RTL support inside app while user can select language?

Bumping once more, anyone with any kind of solution? :slight_smile:

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