Rollback succeeded, but that revision id continued to rollout?

We experimented with the publish:rollback cli feature over the weekend, starting on Fri by publishing a small change, updating a device to that release, and then rolling back. The rollback reported success: ... deleted : 1 ...

We came back this week and our amplitude revision report shows that around 160 users have that revision in their manifest. Our amplitude version report shows nobody with that version.

So, how is the revision later that the version for users? How would a client have that in their manifest without having the actual version download?

Edit: It seems that Constants.manifest.version is also that rolled back version, but User.Version is never that rolled back version.

hi @vivintsolar, could you elaborate more about where the User.Version is coming from?
Is this an amplitude field? Whenever you publish or rollback, it only changes the manifest that is pulled. This seems consistent with what you are seeing, where the manifest fields are getting rolled back, but other fields that are not manifest dependent remain the same (User.Version looks to be manifest agnostic)

@quinlanj Yeah, User.Version is an amplitude field.
As far as rollback goes, our expectation was that the revision pushed out was removed and that nobody would see it, if they hadn’t already downloaded it in the interim. But the data we’re in seeing in amplitude is that users still pulled the manifest with that revision days after it had been rolled back successfully. Any ideas?

to clarify – users have the same User.Version before and after the rollback, but you are seeing correct behavior for the Constants.manifest.version field?

User.version doesnt seem like a field that can be changed with any publish or rollback operation, and is only set at build time (ie) exp build:ios

Yes, User.Version was the same, but Constants.manifest.version and .revision both showed the rolled back version/revision days after the rollback. So to us, it looks like the rollback didn’t work, though the cli reported that it did and build:history showed that channel-id was gone.

If the rollback worked as we expected it to, there wouldn’t be any but a few between publishing and rolling back with that manifest.version and manifest.revision.

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