[RN-gifted-chat] How to show textInput and keyboard programmatically

Hello Expo community!

I’m in charge to a build a react-native chatbot app, that must help users to signup during the discussion.

The chat must start with a greeting message and few quick-replies, in which we find a “Sign me up” option. When the user presses that option, the bot asks hem to write an email address in order to start the process, in this case a text input must appear.

I’ve made a little project based on the example available on react-native-gifted-chat repository.

Please use this link to get to my code: GitHub - firas1220/react-native-chatbot: A react native sample chatbot app

I’d appreciate if someone gives some hand or maybe we can add improvements and transform the repo into something original :wink:.

This question might help some people facing similar situations.

As an attachment, a demo in GIF image.