Revoking APN keys concerns

expo-cli doesn’t save Apple Push notification keys (and Apple doesn’t allow downloading them), so whenever I perform a new build expo build:ios it thinks there are no keys until it tries to generate one, and fails because there are already two previous expo keys on Apple’s servers.

My understanding is that it’s safe to revoke the oldest key, and if I immediately run a new expo build:ios it will generate a new APN key and store it on expo’s servers, only leaving a minute or two where users may not receive push notifications until the build process completes. Is that understanding correct?

Hey @dillonhafer,

You can use expo credentials:manager to handle the revoke and generation processes without having to build. The new credentials will go into effect as soon as they are generated which is pretty quick.


Thanks Adam, so the only chance PushNotifications could be broken is the short time between revocation and generation? The fact that they are new keys doesn’t interfere with the ability to send/receive PushNotifications on existing deployed apps?

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