RevenueCat and Expo Announcement: Easily implement and manage in-app purchases

Hey everyone!

I wanted to just announce that RevenueCat is now fully supported in all of Expo’s workflows: Bare, Managed, and ExpoKit (even though now deprecated)

RevenueCat is a service that makes implementing and managing in-app purchases and subscription easy for iOS, Android, and web.

RevenueCat previously worked with bare and ExpoKit but has not worked with the managed workflow. Expo has recently added in-app purchase support in the managed workflow so those users can now make use of RevenueCat’s in-app purchase React Native SDK.

We have docs update for all of these :point_right: In-App Purchase Installation for React Native – RevenueCat. There will also be a more detail blog post announcement getting published soon!


Josh Holtz
SDKs at RevenueCat
Lead maintainer of fastlane tools

I’ve posted a link to your announcement to the In-App Purchases feature request:

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Hey Josh,

I’m about to implement IAP into my expo app and just have a few questions. Why does expo-in-app-purcahses not work for expo managed builds but revenue cats SDK will work? I’m unsure of the difference and why one would work and not the other.

Also, does revenue cat collect any customer data when implementing the SDK? Thank you!

Hey @guitarman045! To be honest, I’m not actually sure why expo-in-app-purchases doesn’t work. RevenueCat’s SDK uses the native iOS and Android APIs that expo-in-app-purchases also uses but I don’t have any eyes into how expo-in-app-purchases uses them.

I believe, Expo’s managed builds where missing the capabilities / permissions for in-app purchases which is why RevenueCat’s SDK hasn’t worked in the past. But sometime last year, Expo added those capabilities and permissions which enabled RevenueCat’s SDK to work :raised_hands:

And here are links to our docs about the type of data that is collected and how to tell Apple and Google about it :point_down:

Apple Privacy - Apple App Privacy Disclosure – RevenueCat
Google Privacy - Google Play's Data Safety

Hopefully this helps but if not please feel free to ask any further questions! Always happy to help :blush: