returnUrl value for AuthSession.startAsync in the Bare workflow

This is a beginner issue, please help!
My problem is that I am not sure what returnUrl I should give which is mandatory for AuthSession.startAsync method in the bare workflow. I do get the authorization code successfully but, the problem is everytime I log in, it redirects to the ${REDIRECT_URI} point which is the screen before I log in. My understanding for authrorization code for PCKE is that if I get the authorization code ok, I should be able to see my profile screen as I have logged in and in the backend, I also need to try to get the token linearly. or have i misunderstood the flow?

on the documentation, it says AuthSession needs to know where to wait for the response… I don’t think I can use expo-linking as it is bare workflow. Any advices would be really appreciated I am totally stuck how to solve this issue without much experience in the mobile development.

my current redirect_uri is myapp://
I suspect that I shouldn’t use the same REDIRECT_URI for the returlUrl in AuthSession.startAsync?!

const **redirectUri** = AuthSession.makeRedirectUri({
	native: `${REDIRECT_URI}`,

const authenticationOptions = {
	scope: 'openid profile email offline_access',
	response_type: 'code',
	client_id: `${AUTH0_CLIENT_ID}`,
	redirect_uri: **redirectUri**,
	code_challenge: challenge,
	code_challenge_method: 'S256',
	audience: `${AUTH0_API_AUDIENCE}`,
	state: state,

await AuthSession.startAsync({
			authUrl: authUrl,
			returnUrl: `${REDIRECT_URI}`
		}).then((result) => {
			if (
				result.type === 'success' &&
				result.params &&
				result.params.code &&
				result.params.state === state
			) {
				const code = result.params.code;
				console.log('code', code);