Retrieving older Android keystores from Expo servers

My keys got overwritten automatically whilst building a standalone app today.

I’m wondering if there’s a way, or anyone that I could reach out to, in order to retrieve the older set of keys from the server side

Expo stores only your latest copy of your keystore. Could you explain a little more about how your keystore was overwritten?


That’s unfortunate on how Expo only stores the latest copy… was really hoping there was a backup since this seemed like a genuine bug on the Expo’s server side.

Here’s a more detailed breakdown of what happened -

Previous, before anything happened: I had an older version, signed with Keystore on Expo servers already (Android version 13, expo version 1.0.19). I have published updates multiple times over the air, and also building standalone.

So I tried incrementing the Android version to 14 and adding a scheme. However, I did not want to publish the changes to my users yet so I ran exp build:android --no-publish, link to build. However, it did not pick up on the changes to the version or the scheme. I tried and canceled 2 more times after that, realizing the manifest changes are not reflected.

Approximately 14 hours later, I incremented the expo version to 1.0.20 this time around and built the standalone again, but just build:android this time around, without the --no-publish. (link to build that deleted keystore). The manifest changes were picked up this time around, however, as you can see (hopefully on your end), on the 2nd command it ran an additional generating keystore that I did not request for. This wiped out my previous keystore, and overwrote a new one in.

P.S. Do let me know if you guys need access to any logs on my end, happy to provide and see if there’s anyway I can resolve this.

Edit: Expo no longer keeps a backup of your previous keystore. We back up your keystore to your project directory when you overwrite it, so you should check your filesystem. Otherwise, your only option is to contact Google Play support.

Sent the email - and thanks!

For any others looking into this thread as well - here’s a related thread:

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