Restore the Snack code

Is there no way to restore older versions of snack code?
Aways i open the snack from an saved tab it brings up an older version of the code, and its ok, if i close the tab and open it again, i get the most recently version of the code, the problem is when I saved it before reopenning…
So i got some color pressets that was made on the fly and i wont be able to make thouse exact sets again.
As the snack is not connect to git in a matter i could easily keep my code version, i was hope the snack tool it self have some sort of version control.
looking for something like it, if found only an “restore previous” witch was not enouth =(

Hey @valtingojer, sorry to hear about this. Are you able to reproduce this behavior with other snacks or does it seem scoped to the one you mention above?

Also, for future reference, if possible it might be best to keep Snack scoped to quick iterations. Larger, more robust projects/source code would be better served as a local project where as you mention you can use git to handle this event.


Yes I aways can reproduce it.
I have the feature “Save tabs” from the Opera Browser enabled,
If i close my Opera and open it again, it will always bring up the old version of the snack project.

For the solving, i did download de project and started using localy. I have to say it was a little sad.
I really loved the online ide, i loved the fact i can use on my mobile device, or connect a keyboard to the tv and go editing my project, literaly in any place and any time!

I hope in the future Snack can get to sync version management with git =).

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