Restarts standalone app every time you click on icon

Hi Folks,
Could you please give me some advice about the situation I’m facing.
I have standalone app on android build with Exop. When I run the app first time it runs properly(even though splash screen takes too long)
When app is running in background and I click on the app icon again instead of just bringing it back from background it restarts the app and I see splash screen again.
Is this intended or I’m doing something wrong?

Thank you

No the app is crashing, you will need to provide more information on what your app does. Do you use AppState anywhere?

Yes, I use AppState, but I have Sentry integration in my app and I think it would provide some information about crashes and exceptions. Also it does not happen on Expo client hosted version. So it might be standalone specific issue, or?

To test how it would run in prod, run your app with exp start --no-dev --minify this should show you exactly what’s crashing, in the terminal.

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