Request for Assistance with Classima Application and Expo CLI

Hello Expo Community,

I am currently working on a project using the Classima application, which is a ready-made application available on ThemeForest. I am using the Expo CLI to build the app for iOS and I am facing some issues.

Firstly, when I run the command eas build -p ios, I get an error message saying “Found eas-cli in your project dependencies. It’s recommended to use the “cli.version” field in eas.json to enforce the eas-cli version for your project.” I have added the “cli. version” field in the eas. json file with the value “>= 0.50.0”.

Secondly, I am also encountering a “TypeError: [ios.infoPlist]: withIosInfoPlistBaseMod: Cannot read property ‘nodeName’ of null” error. I am unsure how to resolve this issue and would appreciate any help from the community.

I would greatly appreciate any assistance or advice from the Expo community on how to resolve these issues and successfully build the Classima application for iOS.

Thank you in advance for your help and support.

best regards,

Hi @ayorica

This means that you have eas-cli listed in your dependencies or devDelendencies in package.json. You should remove that.

e.g. if you’re using yarn to manage your dependencies:
yarn remove eas-cli
or npm:
npm uninstall eas-cli

While you’re at it, make sure you don’t have expo-cli listed as a dependency/devDependency.

What do you have in the "ios" and "plugins" sections of app.json?

As for “Classima” and “ThemeForest”… I don’t quite understand what you’re talking about :slight_smile: