Repeated schdeuled notifications that can be paused


I’m creating an app that reminds people to meditate. It will send a push notification every day. However, if the user has registered a meditation for today, it should not send a push notification this day. The next day it should send the daily push notifications as usual (unless he registers a meditation for that day as well)

I have thought about different options for this:

  1. Schedule a local push notification, if the user register meditation then cancel the push notification. Create a background task that schedule a new push notification for the next day. The issue here is that it doesn’t seem possible to create a background task in react native.
  2. Schedule a local push notification that is repeated. Then add a listener that is run before the push notification is executed and cancel it if it should not be sent. However from my understanding this is only possible if the app is in the foreground.

Now I’m stuck and looking for ideas to solve this issue. It surely must be possible to solve somehow. Any input is very much appreciated . Thanks!

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