Rendering XML data (array) after fetching XML

Hey, i’ve some question, I have already captured data, I want to ask
how do you store it in an array and display it? or is there another way? like turning it into like JSON?

here’s the code

      .then((response) => response.text())

      .then((responseText) => {
        parseString(responseText, function (err, result) {

      .catch((err) => {
        console.log("fetch", err);

and here’s the console.log

     <Tanggal>07/04/2020-15:02:59 WIB</Tanggal>
     <point><coordinates>-9.48, 112.32</coordinates></point>
     <Posisi>9.48 LS 112.32 BT</Posisi>
     <Kedalaman>10 Km</Kedalaman>
     <Keterangan>Pusat gempa berada di laut 150 km Tenggara Kabupaten Blitar  </Keterangan>
     <Dirasakan> II-III Malang, II-III  Karangkates, II Nganjuk, II     Trenggalek,</Dirasakan>
     <Tanggal>07/04/2020-04:38:43 WIB</Tanggal>
     <point><coordinates>-8.52, 110.76</coordinates></point>
     <Posisi>8.52 LS 110.76 BT</Posisi>
     <Kedalaman>65 Km</Kedalaman>
     <Keterangan>Pusat gempa berada di laut 53 km barat daya Pacitan  </Keterangan>
     <Dirasakan> I-II   Pacitan,</Dirasakan>
     <Tanggal>06/04/2020-05:42:51 WIB</Tanggal>
     <point><coordinates>-5.26, 102.4</coordinates></point>
     <Posisi>5.26 LS 102.4 BT</Posisi>
     <Kedalaman>10 Km</Kedalaman>
     <Keterangan>Pusat gempa berada di laut 17 km Timur Laut Enggano  </Keterangan>
     <Dirasakan> II-III Liwa, II        Kota Manna,</Dirasakan>
     <Tanggal>06/04/2020-01:37:10 WIB</Tanggal>
     <point><coordinates>1.52, 126.46</coordinates></point>
     <Posisi>1.52 LU 126.46 BT</Posisi>
     <Kedalaman>10 Km</Kedalaman>
     <Keterangan>Pusat gempa berada dilaut 122km Baratlaut Jailolo     </Keterangan>
     <Dirasakan> III-IV Bitung, III-IV  Siau, III-IV    Manado, II      Ternate,</Dirasakan>

how can i store it in an array and render it? or maybe the best way to change it like JSON? and how?

Note: i have no access to change it to JSON inside the link, because the link is a link that is open in general, which was developed by an institution, which I am not in that institution

Please help,
Thanks a lot.