Renaming Snacks process is possibly misleading

When renaming a snack and pressing save a popup appears prompting you to save the renamed project next to the existing.

Or this is at least what happens “normally”. I’ve run into a case where if the renamed title contains a # the snack is simply reset to the template.

You can observe this on the snacks I have created which contain the hash: Snacks by cem2ran — Expo

Here’s also a video demonstrating the issue: snack_rename.mp4 - Google Drive

As an additional request I’d like if the the snacks ending with #1, #2 could be recovered.


Very possibly :frowning:
We’d like to make the semantics around forking & renaming a lot easier to comprehend (and fix that bug you found with #

In the mean time, your original snacks are now available with the # removed. (ie Sorry they were lost there!

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