Remove AsyncStorage Limit


Is it possible to remove (or increase) the size limit of the AsyncStorage module for android without switching to bare workflow?

I created a github issue and their team said it’s not managed by them, but instead Expo.

there isn’t a way to do that, but if you’re finding yourself exceeding this limit then you may want to consider using expo-sqlite instead: SQLite - Expo Documentation

I don’t understand. Where is the 6MB constraint coming from if both Expo and the AsyncStorage devs says it can’t be changed?

Also i’ll look into the SQLite docs thanks!

it can be changed, but you need to change the underlying async-storage native code, something that is not possible in the expo managed workflow currently – you would need to eject to customize the native project. the native runtime is fixed in the managed workflow, only the features that we explicitly expose are available to developers in javascript. we’re working on making it possible to customize native code in the managed workflow, you can track progress on that by following our twitter or blog as we post progress about EAS Build

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