'remote-notification' UIBackgroundMode is configured, but still receiving 'not configured' warning

In a development build using expo-dev-client, I’ve set the proper UIBackgroundModes in the ios infoPlist array and created a fresh build. I validated that the resulting build does have the correct UIBackgroundMode set ('remote-notification'). But I receive the warning that Background remote notifications have not been configured.


Relevant part of app.config.ts

// removed extra configuration items for clarity
const AppConfig: ExpoConfig = {
  ios: {
    infoPlist: {
      // 'remote-notification' is the only Background Mode I need right now
      UIBackgroundModes: ['remote-notification'],
export default AppConfig;

Warning is thrown when registering the background notification task after setting it up with TaskManager (on the global scope):

await Notifications.registerTaskAsync(BACKGROUND_NOTIFICATION_TASK);

The exact warning received in console:

Error: Background remote notifications have not been configured. To enable it, add `remote-notification` to `UIBackgroundModes` in the application's Info.plist file.

However, the build’s info.plist show that this has successfully been configured:

Things I’ve tried:

  • Creating another fresh development build to be sure the configuration was set correctly in native code