Remote debug into an IDE


I’ve searched around a way to debug from my IDE a RN app create with CNRA which comes with Expo.
I use IntelliJ ( JetBrains’ family, you may be more familiar with the WebStorm name). They provide a way to debug a RN app, a RN app created with CNRA until recently I think because they blogged about it, but now Expo comes with CNRA, so how to use WebStorm with Expo ?

Some resources I’ve found about this topic, that may give some light :

Are you aware of a way to make it happens ? even a poor dirty workaround ? Debugging in the chrome console makes me feel back to 2005 :confused:

Hey @jesusthehun ! Thanks for checking out Expo.

It looks like you found – I think jumping onto that thread is our best bet for getting their products to support Expo and Create React Native App. We also have if you can identify some changes that we should make on Expo to get this to work.

I can’t think of any other great work arounds but someone in the community might have come up with something. We’re really sorry about that.

Hello !

They’ve managed the issue, it’s coming in the next release.


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Thats awesome! Its great to know that JetBrains and Expo will be compatible :slight_smile:

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