Reload app manually, from command line


I would like to know how to reload the app, while being in command line (the same terminal where I do expo start).

I do know we have auto / hot reload, and it works great, maybe even too great, I have an annoying habit of pressing ctrl+s very often, and then the bundler reloads the app, but before it completes it, I usually am quick enough to press ctrl+s again and again :slight_smile:

So I disabled the autoreload and now would love to know how to trigger it manually, from command line.

p.s. I know I can do it from the phone, but it takes time to take it to hands and click here and then there and there…
Also the ‘r’ key in terminal isn’t what I need - it seems it restarts the metro builder, creates a new tunnel, not what I need.

I must be missing something, this seems to be like an obvious thing, but when I google the topic, I can only see “how to enable autoloading”, which is kinda opposite :slight_smile:

Hey @konrados,

I see what you mean, and looks like this has actually been asked about before. As far as I know, there isn’t a command to do this just yet (but feel free to request it on our Feature Requests Page!)

For a workaround- you might be able to configure your .watchmanconfig to only trigger a reload when you save a certain file?

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Hi @charliecruzan

Thank you! Yes, it looks like the same thing, and yes - will try this trick with watchmanconfig :slight_smile: In theory, if I wrote a script, called ‘g’ (like in ‘go’ :)), which will touch this special file, then just entering ‘g’ and hitting ‘enter’ in terminal should do it :slight_smile:

Thanks again!

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