Releasing managed workflow app on F-Droid

Hi all,
I’m working at my first Expo/React Native app, both learning the frameworks and TypeScript at the same time.

Since I currently have no interest in publishing in Google Play Store or Apple App Store, I am trying to create an app, within the managed workflow concept, that can be released in F-Droid FOSS store/repository.

I saw in Submitting to F-Droid. Are there any propietary software dependencies in Managed workflow? (by @farhansayshi) that the suggestion is to eject, but seems actually not necessary: following the same suggestion of the linked article I got to the point where the app, with its metadata file, passes the checks and compiles, being ready for the merge and pubblication on F-Droid.

So, I almost got there (without ejecting!), but there still are a couple of things that are making me itch.

  1. My app.json contains "permissions": [], but still I’d love to remove all permissions, since I need neither Internet, nor I need to R/W on device storage or anything else.
    And this, I would like to know if it’s ever possible, without manually hacking the AndroidManifest.xml file and keeping the managed workflow. Can I further reduce the permissions required by my app?
  2. My app currently already passes all automagic pipelines provided by the F-Droid repository, but I see unwanted things as result of the build process. As you might imagine from my itch, I have not intentionally added those library to my app. I know it’s possible to remove them, somehow, because EteSync Notes is also using Expo and they have no “NonFreeNet” things or other warnings. Can I somehow remove/exclude those dependencies (at least for the F-Droid release)?

    Offending libs:

    • Play Install Referrer Library (/com/android/installreferrer): NonFreeNet,Tracking
    • Android Market (/com/google/android/finsky): NonFreeNet

My current app.json and package.json are in the repo master branch.

Any hint, suggestion, idea is very welcome for make my simple app more free.