Release on Store without publishing to current users

Hi! I’m having issue understand how to handle App release.
Because of Apple Reviews, adding new features mean you SHOULD add an update on the store.

With that objective in mind, I know that one must use exp build:ios to build the .ipa and send it to the Store. The problem is that doint build:ios publish the JS bundle first, THEN build the ipa by using the published JS. So using --no-publish during the build would simply build the previous JS published. I don’t want to publish first because it would send the new features to the user without having them installing the update from the store.

Then, I learned about the release channel. If we ignore the fact that my app is using the SDK 21.0.0, I would be able to build and publish the new app version to test it on a real device. It would allow me to test that it works well as a standalone app. However, what do I do when I want to release my app on the store? I saw that I can promote the version between channel, but the problem would still be that my user would get the feature before downloading the app on the store (when I would promote the release to the production channel)… As it is explain the in react-native-code-push doc, it can be dangerous publishing new feature.

How am I suppose to handle the release of app on the Store without the user to get the update before it with expo?


Hey @arivest,

You’ll want to use release channels to ensure that users are only getting the intended JS bundle version. You can read this paragraph detailing an example workflow with RCs:



So making multiple prod channel is the solution… I thought about that but I was wondering if there was another way.

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