Release Health feature in expo-sentry

We are using sentry-expo package in our app. As shown in the release log,
(sentry-expo/ at 471edc80a56c3a492055f952773d6d0de9dbe862 · expo/sentry-expo · GitHub) sentry-expo started supporting release health feature from version 3.1.0. We followed the same doc provided in the release log for release health implementation (Health | Sentry Documentation). We are able to recived the Sentry Alerts but not the release health data.

We updated the Sentry.init parameters according to the documentation provided required for the release health feature.

  dsn: "",
  enableAutoSessionTracking: true,
  // Sessions close after app is 10 seconds in the background.
  sessionTrackingIntervalMillis: 10000,

Expo-SDK → 42
sentry-expo → 4.0.0

Not sure what we are missing. Any idea on what went wrong? Thanks

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