Release expo 26.0.0

first: my very compliment expo! is the best view for create a fast App with react native!
second: there is any date about expo 26.0.0?

i need update react-native-svg because i use victory-native and need a svg 6. i saw in expo 26.0.0 is update!

in expo 26.0.0 there is fix the android performance for the contacts?


Hey @izzusan,

Thanks for the compliment! Glad you enjoy using Expo!

As for your questions, SDK26 will be released either today or tomorrow–which day depends on us finding any blockers. SDK26 does not contain but we do have a PR waiting to be merged that will increase the performance of contacts on Android. Hopefully we’ll be able to review and get it merged in the near term.



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thanks for the reply.

ok is a good news! :slight_smile:
is there any temporary fix that can be used?
because on android it is unusable


Expo 26 is now available :smile:

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