release-channel not working on iOS (Sentry-related error actually)


The release-channel addition has been hugely helpful, but it is failing for us on iOS with our detached expokit app.

I’ve run exp publish --release-channel development.
Changing RELEASE_CHANNEL in android/app/src/main/java/host/exp/exponent/generated/ and it connects to the development channel fine.
But if I change releaseChannel in ios/myapp/Supporting/EXShell.plist to “development” (or anything else) then launching the app results in this error:

There was a problem running “MyApp”.
Error calling JSTimers.callTimers
Unhandled JS Exception. Exception calling object as function: A.createEventObject is not a function. (in ‘A.createEventObject()’, ‘A.createEventObject’ is undefined) (:900)

Is there another value that must be changed for iOS to work with release-channels?
Any tips would be appreciated!

Apologies this was unrelated to expo.
The issue was being causes by sentry, which crashes the app when pointing to an alternate release-channel for some reason.
I’m still looking into a solution (other than removing sentry) but this can be closed/disregarded for the time being.

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