Release Channel missing in expo v26


I’ve upgraded to the new expo client, and noticed only the main channel is loaded.

The only way of getting a specific release channel to load is to follow an http link.

Has the release channel feature deprecated?


Hi @riverford_expo_ci - no, release channels have not been deprecated. Did some behavior in the iOS client change after you upgraded? What was the previous behavior regarding release channels?

Hey @esamelson thanks for the response.

I think the client used to show every project/release channel combination, like this:

app 1 prod-v1
app 1 staging
app 2 prod-v1
app 2 staging

Now it just says the project and the listed/unlisted status e.g.

app 1 - unlisted
app 2 - unlisted.

So I’m not sure how to select the release channel.

Thanks for letting us know - we’ll see what we can do! cc @ben

Thanks @esamelson and @ben

I’ve realised I was wrong about the ios client previously displaying the projects like that.

Because I used to open projects via a QR code, the recently opened release channels also appeared in my recent projects list.

Now, the QR code function is deprecated, that technique doesn’t work.

Anything you can recommend about how to access the different release channels would be great.

Hi @riverford_expo_ci - ah, that makes more sense. One way to do this right now is to craft yourself a link – take the link you’d use to open the project page in the browser and replace the https:// with exp:// (so something like exp://, send it to your phone, and open it in your web browser – it will then prompt you to “Open in Expo.”

We’ll work on making a better way to do this. Thanks for the heads up!

Great that sounds like it should do the trick - thanks!

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