Release 2.4.2 no longer allows sharing

I have an unlisted app that I’ve been sending to other people via a share link. To date, they’ve all used the app just fine. But after some of them upgraded to 2.4.2, they could no longer open the app on Expo.

They got the following error message:

There was a problem loading AppName

Then links to Try Again and Go Back to Expo Home

Then the following message

Expo Client can only be used to view your own projects. Are you signed in to the correct Expo Client?

Anyone else having this problem? Can you no longer share an app if its unlisted?!? What gives?

This is absolutely crushing for me, as I have a huge number of people expecting to receive links and test…

Hey @ppetrick,

Please read on this post for all the details regarding this and other changes. Upcoming Limitations to iOS Expo Client



Thanks. So here’s a follow up question, after reading the referenced post and blog: For those of us that have a use case in which we want to share a production or staging ready version app with lots of people (say, for testing, client verification, etc.) without having to push to store, what is our recourse now? Give our Expo login credentials to people?

At the very least, doesn’t it make sense to have multiple people ‘own’ an app or allow some number of users to access an app under a specific account?

I have a hard time believing my use case is really that unique. (And this use case is actually a major reason I used Expo in the first place.)

You’re certainly not alone in your use case. We had to make the change to only allow projects authored by the currently logged in account in order to fall in compliance with Apple’s guidelines. You have a couple options. The most secure is the traditional route of Apple’s TestFlight. You could give out the account credentials to people to be able to test, or create new accounts and publish the project on that account so they can open it. It’s certainly far from ideal, but Apple has the final word. On Android, everything remains the same and they can open your project via QR code on any account.


Hi @adamjnav
We had a beta test running with dozens of iOS users accessing our app through Expo on their iPhones. Is there a solution for them to continue accessing the app?

This is going to be a stressful weekend as we did not see this coming :cold_sweat:

Thanks -!

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