Redirect back to my App after authentication

I have an Expo GO application, currently running on 46.0 sdk version, expo 46.0.13.

I’m trying to deal with authentication either using azure AD and keycloak, but I don’t know how I can handle redirects to my app.

For example, I have created an application in Azure Portal, and when it comes to configure redirect URI, what should I put? Either for local development in expo Go, or production standalone APK.

After authentication, user has to be redirected back to my app.

And same for keycloak, I don’t know what to put in redirect URI.

(For local mode, it’s running on exp://

If anyone could help, I will be gratefull.

if you could help @wodin thanks

The redirect will be an app-specific URL defined by your scheme, which you can configure in app.json. So you’ll use a URL like myappscheme://ssoredirect.

If you want to rest an auth redirect when running in a local development environment similar to Expo Go, you should create a Development Build. Unlike Expo Go, the development build can use your custom scheme, so no workarounds or proxies or other complicated stuff is needed to test this scenario.

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