Recover lost keys

I have lost the keys with which I signed an apk and ipa and I cannot upload an update to the platform. Please give me the above keys with SHA1 SHA1: 54: 41: 20: 16: 44: 62: DF: 55: 91: 17: 28: 51: D7: B1: 57: 94: 4C: 4A: 42: 36

If credentials are assigned to your app you can download them with

  • expo fetch:android:keystore it will download keystore and print passwords to the terminal
  • expo fetch:ios:certs it will download provisioning profile, distribution certificate and push notification key

if you deleted them on expo servers there is no way to recover them

  • for ios you can easily generate new ones
  • for android you will need to contact google support to reset your keystore