Recording issues with hotspot connection on Ipad without SIM

Expo SDK 39
Using background location tracking with TaskManager

Everything works great :slight_smile: On Android and iPhone
Accuracy set best for navigation

await Location.enableNetworkProviderAsync();

 yield Location.startLocationUpdatesAsync(BACKGROUND_LOCATION_TASK, {
    accuracy: Location.Accuracy.BestForNavigation,
    distanceInterval: 0,
    showsBackgroundLocationIndicator: true,
    foregroundService: {
      notificationTitle: 'Geolocation App',
      notificationBody: LocationTranslation.trackYourLocationOnBackground[language]
    pausesUpdatesAutomatically: false
  }).catch(err => {

But we have some tracking issues (inexact route) when the geoloc function is used with iPads connected to the internet via the hotspot of an iPhone. When the devices are connected to the internet directly / with their own SIM all is working fine (on tablets and on smartphones). Looks like it tracks once in 10 - 15 seconds (which is not so good :frowning: for correct route )

Maybe somebody knows how to fix (some settings on iPad ), or provide some notes on why it works like this.

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