.recordAsync is not working on android

.recordAsync is not working with android it doesn’t even show the preview

Hey @kmamit,

It’s nearly impossible to help you if you don’t share any code or additional information. A screenshot that show nothing of import doesn’t provide us with anything to go off of. Can you share the relevant code?


@adamjnav : It is working fine on iOS but not on android … the basic camera example provided in the docs itself is not working on android emulator.

Please use : https://docs.expo.io/versions/latest/sdk/camera/

And try to run the camera code provided … its not running for me…

Also the error it gives is : [Error: Camera is not running] after resolving the promise for .recordAsync

Emulators can not make use of the Camera module as it does not have the hardware to do so. You need to test on a physical device.

@adamjnav : Thanks it worked …

Glad to hear it!

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