Reanimated Causes Remote Debug to Crash

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  1. SDK Version: 44.0.0
  2. Platforms(Android/iOS/web/all): All
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I have an issue with the latest versions of react-native-reanimated when used with react-navigation/drawer.

If I try to debug remote JS the app crashes with no errors just a white screen but if I disable debug remote JS it works as expected. I have downgraded the version of react-native-reanimated to version 2.2.4 and everything works as expected however this version generates a CLI warning as seen in the image but all of the later versions won’t allow remote debugging to be enabled as it crashes the application. Also if I remove the createDrawerNavigator and replace it with createStackNavigator everything works as expected but my project requires the DrawerNavigator.

Any suggestions on getting the latest versions to work together would be appreciated. Current working dependencies are below.

@react-navigation/drawer”: “^6.3.1”,
“react-native-reanimated”: “~2.2.4”,

Expo suggested dependencies should be
@react-navigation/drawer”: “^6.3.1”,
“react-native-reanimated”: “~2.3.1”,

Remote debugging does not work with react-native-reanimated v2, as it uses JSI, which is incompatible with Remote Debugging, as mentioned in their docs here: About React Native Reanimated | React Native Reanimated.

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Thanks for the reply, I’m now up and running with Flipper :grinning:

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