Reanimated 2 in Expo Snack

Hi guys. Today I created a Snack with Reanimated 2 which can be used v2.0.0.rc-0 on SDK 40. But when I use that version on my Snack it gives related error and does not render my app. Will it be available to use Reanimated v2 with Snacks?

package.json (7:5) 'react-native-reanimated@2.0.0-rc.0' is not the recommended version for SDK 40.0.0.

Yes this is a warning. It’s not a deal breaker. To avoid this warning, to install more up to date packages, you should use npm i PACAKGE_NAME istead of expo install PACAKGE_NAME.

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snack doesn’t support reanimated 2 yet, we’re planning on adding support for it in sdk 41

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