REAIOSScheduler.h File Not Found

When trying to create a production build of my react-native project (bare workflow) with expo, the build fails when running Fastlane. Specifically, when Fastlane is compiling react-native-reanimated.

Upon further inspection of my node_modules folder, it appears that REAIOSScheduler.h does exist in the node_modules/react_native_reanimated/ios/native directory. Does anyone know why this error keeps occurring? I have done multiple things, including reverting code changes to a previous version of my application that used to work, deleting and reinstalling all libraries (including react-native-reanimated) numerous times, and clearing the cache.

"react-native-reanimated": "~2.3.1", ← As reported in package.json

I have solved the issue by updating the react-native-reanimated package to the latest version and removing all unused packages from my project (to fix the subsequent errors).

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