🚀 Reactnative.gallery


I realized that a way to visually share applications and simple mobile developments was sorely lacking, in particular for animations, navigation transitions, navigation drawers or simply smooth, fluid applications.

It is impossible to show these aspects with simple screenshots. And installing the app just to see it is too much hassle.

Reactnative.gallery is a website where you can visualize apps and open source components as videos.

Interested? Please follow up from here: https://reactnative.gallery

Such a Dribbble website but for react-native developers, what do you think? :rocket:

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:blue_heart::unicorn: This is pretty exciting! how can I contribute some of my apps? :blue_heart::unicorn:

Also I get this flow when using:

[Presses “continue to our website” ]*

Cool ! :slight_smile:

Thank you for your feedback, I just fixed the link :wink: !

If you want to upload a gif to see it in homepage you can already do it: React Native Gallery

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I promise I’m not trying to make you hate me, but it’s not working for landscape :sweat_smile:

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No worries, this is my goal to collect feedback and improve it :+1:

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Hi @bacon,

If you want to see your apps videos and share it:

I’m working on ‘landscape’ view :tada:
So sooner you will be able to post all awesome games you have :wink:

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You should add a ‘preferred’ way to add this to a readme

Sorry I don’t catch you. What do you mean?

Hi @bacon,

I worked on landscape app, I just added one of your landscape app:


What do you think?

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This is great! Thanks so much!!! I want to add these to my readme but like in a way that incorporates RN gallery as well. Any recommendations?

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