react-native-vector-icons aren't updating

I have a detached app. I upgraded to latest react-native-vector-icons 6.3.0. I made sure it was manually linked as in the guide. But it seems like my app is getting its react-native-vector-icons from somewhere else, I am assuming Expo, because it continues to use old icons when I do from 'react-native-vector-icons/Ionicons and even if I yarn uninstall them they are still there somehow. I am on Expo 30, but would not like to upgrade yet. Is there a way I can still use the new react-native-vector-icons?

It seems Expo does do something to hijack the react-native-vector-icons path. I was able to work around this by creating my own icon set that points to the updated icons:

Hey @booboothefool,

Yeah, we use our own package for vector-icons so that is likely. Thanks for sharing your solution with the community.



Remove babel.config.js It has babel preset for expo thats changing the path.