React-native-track-player not working in custom development client and eas build

  1. Hi. When I try to build for android, I get the following error : PluginError: Package “react-native-track-player” does not contain a valid config plugin. Learn more: Config Plugins - Expo Documentation Cannot use import statement outside a module Code: INVALID_PLUGIN_IMPORT (edited)

However, I have installed the library by doing “expo install react-native-track-player” and I have put it in the plugins in app.json (

“expo”: {
“name”: “frontend”,
“plugins”: [“react-native-track-player”] ,
“slug”: “frontend”,
“version”: “1.0.0”, etc)

I have subscribed to the priority plan to be able to do that but it still doesn’t work. Please help.

react-native-track-player does not seem to have a config plugin, but it also looks like it doesn’t need one. Have you tried just removing the "plugins" from app.json?

Because react-native-track-player includes some native code you will still need to build it using EAS Build. But not everything that requires EAS Build needs a config plugin.