react native sim data doesn't work in ejected project

unfortunately react-native-sim-data doesnt work in ejected project.
I Try this module in a new react native project and it works fine.
But when try to use It in ejected project It returns null.
with this code

  <Button title="permission" onPress={()=>{   PermissionsAndroid.request(PermissionsAndroid.PERMISSIONS.READ_PHONE_STATE);}}></Button>
          <Button title="sss" onPress={()=>{  var x=RNSimData.getSimInfo().deviceId0;
  if(x!=null)alert(x); else alert('nooooo');}}></Button>

first Butoon for getting permission and second one for getting device Id But it returns:

null is not an Object(evaluating _reactnativesimdata getinfo()…)

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