react-native-paho-mqtt library not connected

Is it possible to use react-native-paho-mqtt on a managed workflow? I tried using this package but so far it throws off onConnectionLost:undefined in my console, obviously it’s not connected to the broker. I have posted my question on this link reactjs - react-native-paho-mqtt library not connected - Stack Overflow.

I have also tried this package GitHub - Introvertuous-Fun/react-native-mqtt: Mqtt client for react native. but it says

Cannot find name ‘Paho’

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Hey @missxmtv, that library hasn’t been updated in over 4 years and it looks like the last react native version it was compatible with was .47 and our currently supported SDK versions are running .62+.


Thanks for the reply! In general, are there even mqtt packages that supports expo rn??