React-native package in not link in expo.

react-native-twilio-programmable-voice module properly run react-native but when I am used this module in the expo that and try to use this module methods its show me that method is undefined. inside package index.js file acces nativeModule but it is undefind please help what should i do.

Hey @ektasahu,

You won’t be able to use that library in a standard Expo project. You’ll have to eject and use ExpoKit so that you can link the native modules required to use said library. You can read about ejecting here:


Thanks for reply @adamjnav, I all ready eject and use ExpoKit also than android and ios platform created than I link the Twilio Package but I got the error in the package index file which is NativeModules.RNTwilioVoice is unfined. I tried to create the project in react-native and use the same package for Twilio calling and follow the same link process than project run successfully and Twilio package is also work in react-native that why I thought that Is I am doing something wrong in the Expo.

Here are the dependencies of a package.json file:

“main”: “node_modules/expo/AppEntry.js”,
“scripts”: {
“start”: “expo start”,
“android”: “expo start --android”,
“ios”: “expo start --ios”,
“eject”: “expo eject”
“dependencies”: {
“expo”: “^31.0.2”,
“expokit”: “^31.0.2”,
“react”: “16.5.0”,
“react-native”: “”,
“react-native-twilio-programmable-voice”: “^3.21.1”
“devDependencies”: {
“babel-preset-expo”: “^5.0.0”
“private”: true

Could you please help me.

Thank you.

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