react native navigation + react native reanimated bug with Animated.View

i am using expo with react native with the libary react native navigation + react native reanimated
and i have a problem
when i add
its make the screen flickering (the all app not only the specific screen / components)
and when i delete the Animated.View
it work as well
and i dont know why this is happen
only and the first startup its make the slide as well after this its stopped working and the flickering is all the time

import { StyleSheet, Text, View } from 'react-native'
import React,{useState} from 'react'
import Animated from 'react-native-reanimated'
import {SlideInUp} from "react-native-reanimated"
const AnimateTest = () => {
  return (
<Animated.View entering={SlideInUp}>

export default AnimateTest

const styles = StyleSheet.create({})