React Native Maps Offline Tile Storage

I think react native maps is awesome. Offline mode is achieved by storing all theimage tiles. However, these images can range to the thousands, which poses a few problems.

  • With Expo, downloading thousands of files independently is not very performant. Downloading a compressed file and uncompressing isnot yet supported in Expo.
  • These files can cause problems when trying to delete them? I just hear that deleting a lot of files can take a very long time (a day for thousands of files recursively?).

With these constraints, I think my options are:

  1. Detach and go with react-native-mapbox-gl, which I’d rather not because I like react-native-maps more.
  2. Detach and use react-native-zip-archive, and forget about deleting the files.
  3. Implement a mbtile tile option, which is a standard for a single file that conforms to a spec where sqlite can query for tiles.

Is there something I’m not considering?


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